Shining in your ears

Corona is the most iconic brand of Mexico and has a global recognition as one of the best beers in the world.

It’s known for its quality and for having a unique brewing process that makes it so refreshing and desirable. These qualities are clear in how the beer seems to shine right through the glass. So it makes sense that Corona’s new positioning is Made for shining.But we couldn’t let the eyes have all the fun — our task was to bring the shine we seen in every Corona to our ears. How does “the beer that shines the most” sound like, anyway?

We began searching in Zacatecas, where Corona operates the biggest beer factory in the world. There, we recorded the sound of key moments during the brewing process. Things like falling grains of hops, bottles clinking together on conveyor belts, etc.

Next, we took this collection of ear candy into the studio, filtering it all between 2.5 and 20 Khz. Why? Well, by working with a scientific researcher specialized in Multisensory Experiences, we learned that these high frequencies are often related to the sensations of shining and refreshment. This was our way to symbolically extract the shinning of every step of the process and bring it to the final sonic logo.

This was the starting point for Corona’s “shiny new” sonic DNA. From here, we created the Brand Melody. The logo’s 3-note melody represents “Co-ro-na,” and the melody hints at a Mixolydian keymaking it sound as magical as the beer itself.

The all-new Corona Sonic Logo features sounds of its brewing process, the brand melody and other sounds reflecting the experience of drinking a high quality beer (like the cap opening, or the “clink” of toasting to the best beer ever).

Corona’s new sonic identity will soon add sonic assets to reinforce the core brand values, enhance the audible shine of Corona in every possible situation.




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Jerry Goldenberg