Sonic Branding

The sound of Medifé

In 2017, Medifé launched its first extended-length commercial. Together, we focused on creating a brand tune that would connect emotionally with the target. This connection would represent Medifé authentically, remaining rooted in strategic value.

The tune we developed elicits warm emotions, with lyrics that speak of staying together through it all. The track is warm, stirring up feelings of campfires, guitar sing-a-longs — adventures with friends.  The first execution of Medifé’s song is a man/woman duet. Their melody is reinforced by choruses of large groups of people, hinting at the brand’s claim — “I’m with you.”

In a few days, YouTube was packed with positive commentary and earned loads of listens. On people’s request, an extended 2-minute song was written and posted on Spotify.

For the next campaign, Medifé upped the ante: Five commercials with five unique tracks from Papamusic. All with the sole purpose of celebrating the brand’s Sonic DNA without repeating the same tune.

Two years after launching the Medifé theme song, the sound was reimagined in a new genre, keeping the melody but in a whole new style: A summer hit.

In 2020, Medifé launched a new campaign entitled “We’re gonna get through this”, with a completely emotional tone, but keeping the brand melody as an essential sound asset.

Medifé’s melody has become an essential part of the brand’s positioning and is accompanying its growth throughout the years and different campaigns until today.




Mercado Pago





Jerry Goldenberg