Jerry Goldenberg

Jerry Goldenberg

Sonic Branding

The sound of the Jerry Awards

The Jerry Goldenberg Awards is one of the most prestigious distinctions in our country. The brand’s mission is to recognize excellence in communications and reward companies, agencies, media hubs and various professionals in Argentina.

By the end of November, they offer a gala attended by the most important personalities of the communications world. Papamusic was shortlisted for the 2019 edition. To show appreciation, we decided to develop a sound identity for the Jerry awards. To begin, we investigated the brand’s values. Prestige and excellence were always mentioned, but we wanted something more unique. A sound that would truly represent the Jerry Awards and not just any prestigious accolade. We wanted our new brand sound to mimic the experience at the awards ceremony. To convey the emotions of the occasion: anxiety, nervousness and anticipation. The key elements we landed on were expectation and revelation.

We began to experiment with sound, aiming to represent the event’s tension and the relief following a win.  Then, it hit us — often, things are decided by the toss of a coin. And while the coin is turning, we are filled with the same anxiety and expectation.

Meet The Jerry coin toss. This became the brand’s emblematic sound. The Sonic Logo was so loved that it was used during the ceremony, as the sound preceding the proclamation of every winner in every shortlist. It became the hallmark of that ceremony.



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