The Soundtrip of YPF

An audio trip from the roots of the brand to the future of the most important energy company in Argentina.

On the occasion of the celebration of its 100 years of history, YPF decided to take a big leap into the future: Develop a sound identity that allows it to connect more deeply with all Argentines, unify the communication of all its businesses and prepare for the future of voice shopping and the internet of things.

YPF, the brand with which all Argentines most identify, is celebrating its first centenary by evolving, as it has done throughout its history.

An innovative company by nature, YPF is one of the first brands in the region to premiere its new sound identity that will cross all the identities of its business units such as Serviclub, Full, App YPF, YPF Agro, YPF Luz, Fuels, etc.

The YPF Soundtrip, the process of creating its sound identity, was developed together with Papamusic. The project started from the brand's differential strategic values to end up creating sounds and melodies exclusive to YPF that, with time and exposure, will become brand assets as valuable and recognizable as its visual logo.

YPF's brand new Sonic Logo starts with a piano beat, adding weight and a sense of leadership.

Immediately after we hear its syncopated brand melody, referring to the movement and making a parallelism with YPF as the mobility center of the country.

The melody has a 100% Argentine DNA represented in the rhythm and in the timbre of the instrument that plays it: a ronroco, a tyipical argentinian folklore instrument.

YPF's leadership is expressed in the general aesthetics of its Sound DNA, which has a cinematic and modern imprint. The mid-tempo rhythm brings a sense of security, of confident steps. Horns can also be heard, that is, wind transformed into energy and power, a symbol of the company's future of clean energies.

The ascending end of the melody gives us the sensation that something is being turned on. The melody works in major and minor keys, providing total flexibility in terms of emotional tones and genres to which the sound identity can be adapted across all touch points with the brand's users.

The sounds of the YPF App are also directly related to the DNA of its sound identity. The Push notification sound is an adaptation of the brand melody to the mobile environment, in a faster tempo to fulfill the role of notification, while the successful transaction sound is a reinterpretation of the melodic intervals that make up the Sound DNA of YPF.

"From the first moment we started with Sonic Branding, YPF was a brand we dreamed of being able to work with and today it is a reality. We are very happy to have been able to carry out this development with the most important brand in the country and help it to continue connecting people throughout Argentina, now also through sound" said Franco Echevarría, Sonic Branding Leader of Papamusic.

"It is very satisfying to hear that YPF's brand melody is already playing in all its commercials, in its app and it will reach more and more places to reinforce its differential positioning, complement its multisensory communication and enhance brand attention" said Damian Minckas CEO and co-founder of Papamusic.



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