La Haus

La Haus


La Haus is THE REVOLUTION in real estate

In its quest to become an iconic, recognizable and highly memorable brand, La Haus decided to co-create its Sonic ID with Papamusic.

La Haus is a proptech (property + technology) determined to provide solutions to the more than 100 million people without access to quality decent housing in Latin America.

It is a young, fast-growing brand founded in Medellin, Colombia and this Latin identity is a source of pride.

To create the Sonic Logo of La Haus we analyzed the brand's positioning and its differential strategic values. That was the starting point for creating the brand's unique sound.

As for the storytelling, from the beginning it feels like we are listening to something that comes from somewhere else, from another dimension, something new that is here to stay. This is reflected in the reggaeton rhythm, which enters filtered and opens up towards the end.

The Sonic Logo of La Haus has a cool and premium instrumentation, like the service the brand provides.

The Latin identity is expressed not only through the reggaeton beat, but also through the trademark melody, which is composed of intervals widely used in that genre and, due to its melodic contour and its brevity, has a high power of recall.

This melody is also played by a catchy synthesizer typical of internationally recognized urban Latin genres.

At the end of Sonic Logo we can hear textures that refer to the digital world, to make it clear that this is a company in which technology is a differential.

The Sonic Logo of La Haus was premiered in its last campaign and will be the starting point for the development of an integral sound identity for the brand across every touchpoint.






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